Empowering the Energy Transition
With AI

Energy – Mobility – Manufacturing – Smart Cities

Over the last decades digital Innovations have had a great impact on the way we work and communicate; on the productivity of enterprises and on the economy of our countries.  Hence a massive wealth creation not only for the innovators but also and more importantly for the users. 

And then, as AI comes to maturity, the ongoing digital transformation of corporations gets a massive boost thanks to great minds creating extra ordinary technologies with even greater transformative impact.

Sponsored by Agave Partners Capital, FUND(AI+X) is a venture capital firm in its formation phase, based in San Francisco, California, and with office in Paris, France.

Our purpose is to back these entrepreneurs transforming the industry by creating better solutions to existing problems, enhancing human capacities in their activities and generating positive impact on the world.

Our primary focus is on innovations empowering the Energy Transition, which affects not only the Energy sector but many others, including mobility, manufacturing and smart cities.

The investment managers of the fund are experienced entrepreneurs and investors with broad International experience. We know what it is and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. We also know the challenges for scaling up and reaching the global market. We manage to invest in early stage, when a first version of the product is ready. 

FUND(AI+X) is primarily backed by global industrial groups having an explicit interest in offering experimentation platforms to our portfolio companies and co-investment rights.

We are committed to help entrepreneurs in their access to major industrial groups, in cross border development and in many other aspects which are important for growing their business thanks to our network of executive talents, academics and investors. 

Currently in its formation phase, the investment managers expect to make their first investments in early 2020. 

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